View of Havana From Across the Bay

Cuba_Regla_View of Havana_Aug 2015

View of Havana from across the Bay. This picture was taken in the municipality of Regla.

This summer, I visited Cuba.  It was a trip, an adventure, a step back in time.  I still can hardly believe that I was there!

This picturesque view was taken in Regla, a municipality (town) of Cuba.  It is a fairly short drive from Downtown Havana; only about 20 minutes away, if traffic is not too bad!

Speaking of traffic, gridlock in Havana is not a problem for me.  Why?  Because of the cars.  They are almost all 50’s cars in varying stages of repair.  Some are in pristine condition.  Others?  Not so much.  Some have patches.  Some have mismatched doors, hood or roof.  Yet, they all are the rulers of the roads in Cuba.

While walking about town, I noticed an open door amidst the shops.  There was a man with a lit torch wielding two disparate tubes of metal together.  When I asked my traveling companion what the man was doing, she told me this was the ingenuity of Cubans.  They find whatever scrap metal they can and they create and wield the pieces into the parts they need to repair their cars.  The embargo has made the people ingenious!

blue 50s Car_cuba_Aug 2015

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