EarWorms from Today and Yesteryear

I’m at work.  I’m listening to Adele’s song, Hello.  It’s on a very low volume.  I’m barreling through my work and I’m blissful.  A movement caught my attention.  I look up and my colleague has her arms outstretched and fingers outstretched then curling towards my neck.  Mind you, this is a very calm, staid co-worker who is very easy-going.  I asked her what was the problem.

“Earworms…I just got Hello out of my head and now you’ve put it back!  Please stop.”

I went to turn it off and she stopped me.  “I’m just kidding.  It’s already in my head so might as well leave it alone.  I love that song.”

We have a good chuckle.  She goes back to her work area 25 feet away and I continue my work.  However, I turned the volume down two notches.

Two minutes later.

“OH MY GOD!  Who’s playing Hello?!  I love that song but I can’t bear to hear it again right now!”

My lesson?  I need earplugs!  The volume was very low and other songs did not disturb anyone but this song?  Had two people up in arms because it is an earworm (or, brainworm) song — a catchy tune that repeats itself in one’s mind even when the song is not playing.

I had never heard this phrase before and I couldn’t believe it was a thing until I looked it up.  Another classic earworm song that tops any and ALL earworm songs?  The theme song from The Titantic by Celine Dion.  You remember that one, right?  I swear.  I hated that song after hearing it EVERYWHERE for 3 months straight.


What were some of your favorite-to-hate earworm songs?  Please share in the comments!

Featured Image is taken from Eye Opener website. You can find their full story about EarWorms here: http://eyeopenertv.com/2014/08/01/what-causes-earworms-and-how-to-get-that-pesky-song-out-of-your-head/.

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