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Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been highly productive.  I’ve written 4 short stories (including a new short flash fiction piece last night).  However today, I felt…empty.  In the best possible way!  There would be no writing this day.  Yet, I felt that itch to do something else creative.

Therefore, I trotted out my other favorite pastime — baking.

I had some overripe bananas and a lot of pulp leftover from our veggie and fruit drink yesterday; there must be a muffin and some bread in all this somewhere, right?

The banana bread was easy.  My trusty Betty Crocker cookbook from 19-O-long (my mother-in-law’s phrase!) has the perfect simple recipe.  It came out quite good and the loaf is half-finished and it’s only 1:17 pm!

banana bread

It was the Juice Pulp Muffins that gave me a run for my money.  I couldn’t find the right recipe.  All of the ones I found required whole wheat flour; not a huge fan of it.  [Yes, yes.  I know it’s healthier. Meh!]  After a quarter hour of digging through recipes, I decided to try another tack.  I noticed almost all of the healthy juice pulp muffins contained yogurt and I wanted to incorporate that as well.  I keyed in “yogurt muffins” into Google and found a ton of great recipes but none that would easily go well with my pulp mixture (mostly carrot and kale with apple, celery and mango pulp).

I visited the Pioneer Woman’s site, the Betty Crocker site, and as a last resort went to Food Network (which probably should have been my first stop, right?).  That’s where I found Bobby Flay’s Yogurt-Fruit Muffins (of, course it would be Bobby!).  There is not a drop of fruit pulp in this anywhere but I figured I could adapt it.  Here’s what I did:

12 ounces Stonyfield Banilla Yogurt

1 cup of my juice pulp mixture

1/4 cup Blackberries (I just added them in for a bit of color and flavor; could have added more)

2/3 cup white sugar

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (now see I could have added more)

1 egg

2 cups all-purpose flour (not sifted at all!)

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

I then followed Bobby’s mixing directions but added store-bought granola on top.

Juice Pulp Muffin Batter_2 28 2016

I baked them for 15 minutes at 425 degrees like he suggests and this is what came out of the oven…

Juice Pulp Muffins_2 28 2016

So, the granola became a bit toasty. 🙂  But the fam agrees that this is a tasty, not-too-sweet muffin that is a perfect brunch addition.

I hope you’ll try these muffins and while you’re munching, I’d like to invite you to read a short story, or two, right here.

Okay, now that all of this baking is done I feel a writing stint coming on!

Do you find that you get an interplay of creative impulses?  If so, when do you find that yours occurs?

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  1. February 28, 2016

    Now I am hungry! I can’t write when I am hungry… okay, i can’t write when I am not hungry. Did I mention the bread and muffins look REALLY GOOD?

    • March 8, 2016

      🙂 Thanks! And so glad you stopped by Mark.

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