Creativity and “Real Life”

For the past few weeks, I have been ruminating on the effects “real life” has on my creative endeavors.  In addition to being a parent of two teen boys and a pre-school little girl as I hold down a full time, 9-hour a day job, I have very little home time, or “me” time.  As many mature parents, I began to experience fatigue and wanting only to come home eat, and sleep.  My blogging and my writing were suffering!

So, the bright idea?  Go to the gym!  I’ll get more energy and lose weight which will make me look, and feel better!!  Uh-huh.  Not for the first few weeks.

So, I joined the gym 3 weekends ago, and this is the first Saturday I’ve had the energy to get up at 8:00 am to start my weekend.  I’m going to go to the gym for a HIIT class (high intensity interval training) and see if I can make it through the whole thing without passing out! 🙂

However, the other side of “real life” is the lethargy of mind that comes with the body’s ennui.  I think my mind became stuck in a rut of home, work/stress, parenting of a 2-year-old, cooking, college preparation, TeenTalks, drop in bed syndrome.  So, I picked up Shaun McNiff’s excellent book, Trust the Process: An Artist’s Guide to Letting Go and continued to read.  (I started this book about 6, or 7 months ago and read it when the mood strikes.)

Trust the Process_bk cov

Funny enough, the chapter I was on was just the one I needed.  It spoke about creating pictures, images, and just letting whatever is inside flow.  So, I did just that a couple of nights ago.  My daughter and I taped some oaktag on the wall.  We pulled out the crayons, the colored pens and washable markers then got down to business.

The creations were lovely — for both of us.  I have no idea what it all means but it felt good and I want to do this again.  It was a great bit of bonding time for my daughter and I.  Plus, it was a great stress reliever.  I say this because when I was done with my drawing I felt lighter, free and happy.

?????????????? – Have no clue, but I like it! 🙂

So, “life” does affect me and my creativity.  I shall not lie.  However, I am cognizant of this fact now and Shaun has helped by giving me tools to help calm the savage “life” beast.

I can’t say I’ve written 90 bagillion words, or taken everything off of my (growing) To-Do list.  However, I can say that I am dreaming once again.  I can say that ideas are percolating and I have a spark of energy towards my writing (and editing!!).  I’ve written this post! LOL.  I definitely see light at the end of this blah period tunnel, said lightly as I eat a huge plate of kale and a half-cup of homemade turkey salad with 6 oz. of juice (60 calories — ugh!).  But, I deserve it.  I may even reward myself with one gluten free shortbread cookie…

I digress…

Let me know if you have you ever used drawing as therapy to assist you in those times when you were feeling blah towards your writing, or creative endeavor.  Looking forward to reading your comments!

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  1. April 30, 2016

    That sounds like so much fun! (The picture making. The HIT class would probably end in tragedy for me, lol.) I’ll have to do that with my nephew when I visit him next month.

    • May 1, 2016

      LOL! If I can get through — ahem — some of the HIIT class, so can you! (Did 25-minutes before bowing out as gracefully as I could.)
      Enjoy the drawing with your nephew; it will be a lot of fun!

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