The Muse Series: Morgan Dragonwillow, Creativity & Imagery

We have another installment of The Muse Series regarding creativity and imagery.  This is one of my favorite topics in writing.  One of the main lessons drilled into our writer mind by our professors, mentors and fellow writing colleagues is, “Show, don’t tell.”  How better to do this than to ‘paint a picture’ with your words?  Take that a step further, and use an image to inspire your words is the crux of this post.

For today’s conversation, we have Morgan Dragonwillow with us to share her views.  Feel free to join the conversation and comment below!  (If you’d like to appear in this series, please contact me.)

Do pictures inspire your creative writing endeavors?

Most definitely, I often use my own photos, photo prompts and photos on Public Domain Pictures to inspire my writing.  In fact, about four years ago, a photo prompt on a friend’s blog inspired my first poem, Beauty Denied, in many years.  When I see a photo that inspires me, I suddenly see a story or the first line of a poem.  In Beauty Denied, the story came in a flash and I wrote it out in a poem.  Sometimes a photo pulls at me, feelings bubble up and then words begin to flow.  It is never exactly the same.

I have a love of photography and my first-choice is always to use my own photography to inspire my writing and creativity.

Here are some of my photos that have inspired my writing.

morgan pic_1

morgan pic_2

morgan pic_3

morgan pic_4

morgan pic_5

I once saw a photo of a doodle drawing that inspired me to draw something similar and it also inspired my writing.  Here is my drawing that later inspired my words…

morgan pic_6

Have you always found a link between imagery and your writing?

I didn’t start writing seriously until about six years ago.  I was exploring many of my creative passions at the time.  Writing and photography have been two of my favorite creative expressions since I was a child even though I didn’t take it seriously until later in life.  The more I allowed myself to be creative, the more the two of them came to the forefront.

When I decided to truly see where my writing would take me, photography was there to help inspire my words.  I have always been a visual type of person and it has often sparked my imagination.

Do you find you have any image/imagery ‘triggers’ that especially move you to write &/or create?

I have an affinity for shadow, it is something that runs strongly through my life and unusual photos with shadows often inspire me to write, or create.

Any other thoughts on this topic you would like to share?

I have found that using photos to inspire my writing and sharing the photos together with my writing on my blog, or in my books, adds a depth for the reader that words alone don’t always achieve.

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  1. July 7, 2016

    Great post. I look forward to reading more in this blog series. 🙂

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