F is for Finishing What You Start

Today I am working on trying to get healthy. I’m experiencing spring hay fever with an extra dose of Uugghness. I’m not feeling well, but I have a ton of things I have to do, that I want to do, and that I need to do.  As a writer, it is very easy to give away one’s writing time to:

  • cooking dinner
  • cleaning the house
  • going to work
  • caring for the family
  • sleep…
  • etc.

But…there’s this thing about finishing what you start.

I started a book.  I finished it.  I put it up on Amazon.  Took it down.  Revised it. Decided to crowdfund it on Inkshares.  then, stopped.

Sure, I did some marketing.  Sent out a bunch of tweets and wrote a post, or two.  I even watched quite a few podcasts about crowdfunding.

So, finishing what I start is a big topic for me right now.  However, I don’t feel motivated to push-push-push.  What if why my book isn’t selling is because it’s a piece of crap?  How do I know I should keep writing?  How do you figure out if you truly should do something else?  These are the things I am wrestling with.  I could say it’s the ill-health speaking. Or, it could just be the nature of the writer in me rising its lovely head?’

What say you?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about finishing your writing projects.  Do you ace it all the time?  If not, what are your struggles with completion of your creative works?

[Psst, if you want to take a gander at Fury From Hell, and read the first six chapters, click here.]

As a final parting gift for stopping by, here are some articles, with great tips in them, about finishing projects of all kinds.

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The Importance of Finishing What You Start

Adults & ADHD: 7 Tips for Finishing What You Start

(F is also for flowers…)



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