G is For GoodReads – #AtoZChallenge

I will say a shameful thing. (I didn’t know much about GoodReads.)

Yes, that was a whispered confession.  I’ve been an Indie author since ’12 and I’ve run exactly 2 events on GoodReads (not even sure about the 1st one.  Think that was a book promo for someone else…)

So, I decided to go and research and find out more about GR, the reader, and the writer’s, best friend.  GR also happens to be the most practical social media platform for writers.  Why?  Because people come to GoodReads looking to find the next book they will read.

And, GR is a great place to turn because there are over 20 million users (readers/writers).  You can find your next read by checking out Listopia.  Some of the list names are, as follows:

  • Best Books of the Decade: 2010’s
  • Yummiest College New Adult M/M
  • Best Coming of Age Horror Novels
  • Books That Everyone Should Read At Least Once
  • Best Books of the 20th Century
  • Best Book Boyfriends
  • Best Paranormal & Fantasy Romances
  • Brooklyn, NY (my book, Fury From Hell, is listed here)

You can find book buddies by comparing your books to another GR user’s books.  When you click the user’s name (a hyperlink), GR will take you to the person’s profile.  Then, next to their name is a down arrow.  Click that and you will see “Compare Books.”  This will show you a simple graphic which let’s you know how many books you’ve read in common with that person.  This is a very handy tool to find other folks who have similar reading tastes to your own.

You can also browse the book giveaways section.  You can find it on the top bar under the heading “Browse.”  You can also find Listopia under this heading as well.

For us authors, setting up a GoodReads author profile is an important step in becoming a part of this vibrant community.  This is the site with real READERS.  The ratings your books receive on GR is a better, more accurate, picture of what folks who read think of your book.

Both readers and authors can join groups on GR.  This is a way of interacting with others of like mind.

And, just in case what you’ve read you above, you already knew, here are several articles that will probably contain more than you ever wanted to know about GoodReads.







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