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Rochelle Campbell has a BA in Written Communications with an emphasis on Digital Media and began her career as a journalist and PR specialist.  Her writing career spans over 20 years, and straddles both nonfiction and fiction.  She is an active member of the Horror Writers Association, yet has been published in two different literary magazines (Go figure!).

As an indie author, she’s published “The Magic Seeds,” an illustrated urban fairy tale for middle grade readers (co-authored with her then, 7-year-old son), “Leaping Out on Faith,” a book of contemporary women’s fiction short stories which was followed by the publication of a full-length paranormal horror novel “Fury From Hell” in September 2014.  You can read the first 10 chapters of this horror novel for free on Inkshares.

With nonfiction as the marrow of her writing life, in March 2015, she published a personal finance title for teens and young adults entitled, “Making Dollars & Sense Work.”



Amazon (US): 99 cents –

What happens when Johnny does a good deed and is rewarded with a choice — pretty coins, or a pack of seeds? An urban modern-day fairy tale complete with a fairy godmother! This story is sure to please your elementary school-aged child, student, or loved one. Little Johnny even makes up his own ‘magic’ words to get things rolling! Amazon Kindle: $3.99; Amazon Paperback: $13.68


A no-nonsense quick 2-hour read on how to get your financial life in order including how to improve your credit score — by yourself! Nothing fancy is needed. All you need to do to get started on building your credit and reducing your bills is all here. Plus, you get two free documents to help you streamline all of your bills with the purchase of this book. Available in paperback and digital formats. Amazon Paperback: $5.99; Amazon Kindle: $4.99