Why Adam Lambert Will Always Be My Idol

First and foremost, I love Adam Lambert.  He’s young, brash, stylish, creative, smouldering, fantastic and yet, down to earth in spite his over-the-top persona.  (My co-worker accused me of having the soul of a suburban teenager when I played his music back-to-back for a few days straight…but I digress.)

adam lambert_1

I can feel Adam’s pain and angst in his lyrics.  He’s got demons that he shields from the public eye as best he can.  But don’t we all have inner demons?  I know I do.  My personal demon is a preference for staying in the background.  Adam so doesn’t do that and that’s why I admire him!

Being in front of the camera, an audience, or an arena full of people doesn’t seem to bother Adam.  Instead, he becomes even more electrifying.  His hair, makeup and modern glam Goth style makes me do a double-take each and every time.

adam lambert_3

But how is he so comfortable outing himself and being comfortable with all that he is and represents?  How does he manage to endear both his fans and his dissenters while still soaring up the charts with his music?  By being true to himself; by being real.

I love him for this.  He makes no bones about himself and when victory was just a performance away on American Idol, the night before he engaged in that world-famous kiss that many say cost him the win.  Who knows how true that is?  What is true is that Adam went on and became more successful, more memorable than whoever it is that did win by virtue of being true to himself, by laying down his very clear lines in the proverbial sand.


I am a writer and in the books I pen, my characters struggle with being true to themselves.  They struggle with wondering if showing one side of themselves in this arena and another side of themselves in another situation is the right way.  I write about conflicted characters that experienced trauma in their past, in various forms.  In my latest novel, Fury From Hell, the main character Detective Jennifer Holden killed in self-defense when she was a teen and is continuously haunted by her decision.  Holden’s inner struggle lays the foundation for her being possessed by a demonic Fury who avenges the wrongful death of women but demands a high price for vengeance.

I can only wonder what Adam would do if put in Holden’s situation!  But then, Adam wouldn’t be a proper target for the Fury because 1) he’s male, and 2) he is fully clear about who he is and what he’s about.  There are no grey areas in his psyche where he questions anything.  Adam is crystal clear about his thoughts, beliefs and actions.  This is the clarity my characters strive to achieve which, again, is why I love Adam Lambert.

He’s my characters’ muse as well as my idol!  And that’s enough about that.

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