My Radio Interview with We B Swangin’!

On March 11th, 2015, I had the pleasure of being a guest on We B Swangin’s radio show – The BSW Show.  Initially, this appearance was to discuss my book, Fury From Hell.  It didn’t quite work that way, it went even better — We B wanted to discuss my new book Making Dollars & Sense Work and it debuted on her show!


Making Dollars & Sense Work is a short read — approximately 2 hours.  In these 66 pages, helpful hints abound about how to improve your credit, increase your score, understand the specific factors that make up one’s credit score, how to find out what is on your credit report, how to pull your credit reports for free, and how to get out of PayDay Loan…ahem…hell — legally!

Without further ado, here is the YouTube link to the radio interview.

[Please note: We B’s interview with me begins at 9:43.]

If you’re interested in checking out Making Dollars & Sense Work please visit Amazon for full details. It is available in both paperback and all digital formats.

About We B Swangin

In addition to being a radio host on WLVS Radio, We B Swangin is the author of three books (see below).  Please take a moment to check her books out and visit her website.

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