Book Review: The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

Sunshine faces more than night terrors and things that go “bump” in the dark. This 16-year-old is a spiritual warrior that has come of age without anyone to guide her. Through what almost seems like providence, Sunshine meets Nolan who believes every odd thing Sunshine tells him. He digs beneath the surface of things to find the truth that Sunshine desperately needs. Why? Those answers could possibly save Sunshine’s mother’s life!

While I am not a huge fan of YA novels (the teen angst drives me batty), I enjoyed The Haunting of Sunshine Girl. The story, while familiar in its elements, has a very fresh feel and lovely twists that make this teen ghostly thriller a great read. There’s just enough angst for the teens to revel in, but light enough so adult readers can read it with ease. The romantic element is very subtle; it does not overwhelm the story. However, it has you rooting, and hoping, for more sparks.

If you enjoy a good, hair-raising, back tingling ghost story coupled with an engaging fully developed main character, you will LOVE The Haunting of Sunshine Girl.

[P.S. – I cannot wait for book 2!  Due out March 1, 2016.]

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