Painted Skyscape: Unparalleled Beauty

Twilight in Brooklyn_Sun 1 24 2016

There are days when you know that there must be something out there.  Sunday was such a day for me.  I was bustling about getting my weekend chores done.  (There were 3; count ’em three trips to the laundry.)  On the final trip, I looked up and my breath caught.  The sky was stunning.

I was walking in the middle of the street because it was the day after the 2nd biggest snow storm in the New York City area.  There was 27″ of snow all scattered about covering cars almost completely in some areas.  So, walking in the street was a *good* idea. 🙂  At least, the main roads had been plowed.  And, a NYC bus was bearing down on me as I fumbled to get my phone out of my handbag.  I almost stood on the snow to get out of the danger zone of the bus passing.

Once it past, I snapped this shot quickly before the skies could shift.  Then, I continued on with my day.

But in that moment, it was sublime.  I witnessed unparalleled beauty for about 45 seconds.  Now, I can share it with you and re-visit it myself whenever I so choose.

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