Book Breaking Point: What Do You Do?

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There are books that whisper your name as you attempt to sleep.  There are books that scream it.  But, how do you know which one is which?  Do you skim covers?  Do you read the blurb?  Do you ask for recommendations?  All of the above? 🙂

Okay, so you’ve picked your NEXT read.  You pop open the book, or download the digital file.  You begin reading with hopes floating just beneath the lowest cloud.  Chapter 1, Chapter 3, Chapter 7 — it’s not working for you.

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Chapter — let’s just stop!!  You can’t bear to read another sentence.  There are tons of books in the world.  It’s okay to stop and go to something else, right?  Why can’t I seem to feel that way?  I must finish!  Especially since I put all of that effort into choosing that particular title.

But, I can’t drag myself to finish. Frustrating.

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What do you do when you’ve reached your book breaking point?

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