MDC3 Con: Creatures, Crimes & Creativity 2016

Part of me wants to just give you the bullet points of each panel I attended and traipse on and on about the comraderie of the conference-goers.  However, another part of me wants to give the impressions of this, the pivotal full day of workshops.  (I can do the bullet points thing later as that’s written down.)

My free flowing feelings are all surrounding the incredulity I am experiencing of how writers from all walks of life — who write in different genres — all have a commonality in not only the media we write in, but the emotional angst inherent in what we do.

Mysterys Panel: L to R: Dana King, Donna Andrews, Millie Mack and Allan Ansorge (moderator)

Creating stories is challenging.  Difficult even.  Yet, we choose to do it for our own personal reasons.

Some of my take aways from this conference are:

  1. Creating for creation’s sake is OK.
  2. There are never any wasted words (not even grocery lists!) – [Thanks Reed Farrell Coleman!]
  3. Just because you’ve plotted your story to within an inch of your life does not mean you will not get stuck.  How can this be?  Because the writer must be ready to grapple with the subject at hand.  Must have the proper life experiences to birth and bring forth that particular work.  So, TIME is needed. [Thanks for that Peter G. Pollak!]
  4. Write the story that you want to read!!
  5. Knowing what the heck a Cozy Fashion Mystery is all about! [Thanks Shauna Washington!]
  6. Channel your social anger into your writing. [Thanks Alexandra Sokoloff!!]
  7. Having a supportive group of writers such as a critique group is a necessary part of one’s writing life.

Sure, I get it.  None of the above is earth-shattering nor novel in concept.  However, when shared in context with many additional supporting thoughts buoying the above ideas it creates a new seed that is waiting to germinate in my writing mind.  Then, that little seed will be fed by my Muse and my story’s characters.


It goes without saying that sitting your butt in the chair at an appointed time each day, or week, and getting your words written in of paramount importance.  It almost has to become a religion for the writer to set aside a time and a SPACE that is sacrosanct.  This time is so sacred that not even Shemar Moore is allowed in should he show up, but, I digress…


The point is, the Creatures, Crimes & Creativity Con, hosted by Austin and Denise Camacho of Intrigue Publishing, is a conference for readers and fans that allowed newbie writers as well-seasoned authors to co-exist for a brief space of time.  We have learned from one another, and will continue to learn from each other later today.  And then, we will continue our conversations beyond the conference and hopefully form friendships with like-minded (read: other crazies) people.

So, did I have a good time?  No.  I am having a GREAT time.

Thank you Austin and Denise!!


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