Cover Reveal: The SciFi End of the Supernatural

It’s with great pleasure that I begin the New Year, Baby 2017, with a new collection of short stories.  It’s called The SciFi End of the Supernatural.  It will become available on Monday, January 30th, 2017 in both print and e-book on Amazon and CreateSpace.

What’s the 411?

Seven stories.  Seven different situations.  A plethora of characters who make choices you may, or may not agree with — or, approve. (Nothing R-rated, I promise!)

Blue Boy

Blue children have always been with us throughout time.  However, Donald is of a different kind.

The Complications of Time

Meteorites and first dates don’t usually go together well.  This is no exception especially when you throw in a space rock that glows.


He gets the cold sweats when he must interact with a machine, any machine.  Especially her.

TJ’s Petition

Moving to a new place can be tough especially when you’re a teenager.  It becomes tougher when you have a rotting finger in a trunk…

TJ’s Petition was originally published on The Haunted Sunshine Girl website with the express permission of its author Paige McKenzie.

The Ascension of Peoria 5

Aliens can be bi-polar, too.  But, that rule only applies when said alien has three eye spots, instead of the normal five.

Jack, the Beanstalk, and All the Rest

Taking a well-known chilhood tale and turning it on its head, we meet a new, urban Jack with a few new tricks that Tabart and Dahl did not envision.

How Charlie Ray Saved My Life

A regular Joe-Schmo gets lucky and finds the girl of his dreams.  And, they live happily ever after — not.  That’s where Charlie Ray comes in.

None of these stories are “normal.”  But then, what’s normal anyway?

Pssst!  Would love to know your thoughts about the cover!


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  1. […] works still are in need of editing.  However, my short fiction was in pretty decent shape.  So, The SciFi End of the Supernatural, a collection of science fiction short stories came into being.  It will be available on Jan 30th […]

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