Quick Good News on the Crowdfunding Front

As I weaved my way through the throngs of people waiting on the subway platform, I checked my messages.  I nearly bumped someone into the tracks in my exuberance…Fury From Hell was chosen by The Snarky DarkSy Syndicate on Inkshares to be supported!!  Wahoo!

Okay, you’re like, What does that mean?

It means that a collective a readers decided that my book was the one book out of the 200+ books up for funding on Inkshares right now, that they wanted to give their support to (for March 2017) and help my campaign get closer to its publishing goal by pre-ordering my book as a reader group.  [Yes, yes.  Very long sentence.  I know.  It’s really late, or really early.  Take your pick.  So, my brain’s on expanded mush.  Please forgive me?!]

Fury From Hell also gets this really cool badge that goes on the book’s story page so everyone can see that FFH was tapped by a syndicate (reader group).  It’s sorta like the badges in NaNoWriMo.  The more badges you have, the more people will want to take a look at your project since it has been endorsed by others.

Fury From Hell T-shirt will be raffled off every 25 pre-orders. So, the next milestone will be when FFH reaches 49 pre-orders. Then, again at 64 pre-orders, etc.

Short Synopsis:

“Fury From Hell” came about during a walk on my lunch break. I saw an orange cone with misty smoke swirling out of the top. I wondered, What if there was something in the mist, like a demon, that wanted to possess someone? Maybe only women. What if that demon possessed a cop…?

The story progressed and grew longer and more intricate. This is destined to be a series and I already have the first four books clearly in mind. “Fury From Hell” is ultimately about good vs. evil and how the dark side can be seductive, alluring. Detective Jennifer Holden must use everything at her disposal to resist falling in line with Fury Abatu’s wishes. But, how long will Jennifer be able to say no?  And, how many more bodies will be found?


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