A to Z Challenge: Day 2: Blurbs

So, you’re marketing your book?  Bet you’d like a few blurbs from well-respected authors in your book’s genre.  Don’t we all?!?

Here are ideas to get you going in the right direction.  Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry tell us, “If you have a connection to an influential person in your field, or if a well-known writer was your professor in your MFA program, or if you can track down the perfect candidate and help him see why it’s incumbent upon him to endorse your work, start making your requests now.”

Maggie Langrick says, “When you’re asking someone a favor, make it as easy as possible for them to say yes — especially when this busy person’s help means a lot to you.

Start with an email inquiry or third-party introduction. Include a single page with all the background information for your book: Synopsis, format (hardcover, paperback or ebook) and book specifications (number of pages, trim size), price, release date, and publisher info.”

Writer’s Digest advises us of the following: “Don’t forget to explain why you think your target might be personally interested in the book. Blurbs are self-serving things. You’re asking for an endorsement because you think that person’s opinion will help you sell more books—but why will this book interest her? Be as personal and specific as possible, such as, “I attended a lecture where you advised people to pay more attention to food labels. I thought of that lecture as I wrote Chapter 4, and I hope you’ll like it.”

WD makes a valid point — what’s in it for the blurber?  Find that thing, make it truthful and sincere, and send out with hope and enthusiasm.

Well, Day 2’s done.  On to Day 3: C…

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