E is for Egyptian aka Khamitian – #AtoZChallenge

E is for Egyptian.  You know, those people that created the mummies.  The ones that laid their dead to rest in pyramids that lasted for eons filled with gold, foodstuffs and <gasp> people?!  (Yes, they buried their kings and queens with a retinue of people to keep them company in the afterlife.)

I find Egyptians fascinating.  As one studies the literature carefully, you will find that in the earlier dynasties, the name they called their land was Khamit, and they therefore are Khamitians.  [For more information on this, Stacey Scales wrote her thesis on the topic “A History of the Interest in and the Study of Ancient Egypt From An African-Centered Perspective”.]

I’ll not bore you with all of the details but let’s just say I ran with the African-Centered perspective and read a host of works about Egypt, and Egyptology.  So much so that I realized that by the 18th Dynasty, one of the kings had red hair!  This is true.  When the mummies are examined all details of their organs, body orifices, what’s left of hair, skin and nails is analyzed.  By the 18th Dynasty, Egypt had been invaded and and/or had incorporated many different peoples into their every day life.  Therefore, mixtures should not at all be surprising by the 18th Dynasty.  After all, the XVIII Dynasty was 1567 – 1070 B.C. (Before Christ).  To get more details on the 30 Dynasties, click here.

(To really have page-turning excitement, Read Howard Carter’s, The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen.  It reads like a diary and you will enjoy every moment of it!)

My excitement never fades for this topic.  I even began a novel and wrote 134 pages.  I am stuck on plot and must re-work the bones of it before I can continue but it’s not for lack of research!

I hope I have left you with a curiosity to learn more about this wonderful land, and its people.

May you enjoy the journey and where it leads.


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  1. April 7, 2017

    I love different cultures. At one point I was studying hieroglyphics, but I keep prioritizing other things.
    Recently I was looking into Ancient Carthage for a story. It was quite difficult to find information, especially for the earlier eras I was looking for, since most things available had an obvious Roman influence.

    • April 12, 2017

      Well, I think then you’ll need to contact Universities, or colleges, to see if the professors there are doing work on their thesis in this arena. This way, you can learn from original research. You can also try researching peer-reviewed journals through your local library’s online journals database. Good Luck & thanks for stopping by!

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